From strength to strength.

Goldome was formed in 2009 by the partners of Black, Mann and Graham to provide warehouse lending to non-delegated correspondents — at a time when a warehouse line was nearly impossible to obtain.

The program was so successful that they required a capacity that only a bank could provide. As a result, controlling interest of the program was sold to Northstar Bank in 2012. The remaining interest of Goldome was sold to Northstar in 2016.

Under the bank’s guidance, the program has expanded its offerings, allowing qualified clients to prepare their own documents and warehouse delegated loans. Goldome can now service the smallest to the largest client’s needs.

In April of 2017, Goldome’s parent company was sold to Independent Bank Group, Inc. increasing our lending ability and flexibility.

Goldome now offers flexible lending solutions to investors, aggregators, delegated correspondents, as well as non-delegated correspondents.